DevBoard: A dashboard for developers

Some developers received threats from people who wanted to ‘steal’ their addon. SuperRepo has launched a new feature for developers to claim their addons.

Improved Bundles and New Addon Views

Today I have released a minor upgrade of the website. This upgrade includes new Addon Index Views and a major improvement for managing your Addon bundles.

We are back! Are you?

Mondag february 16th. SuperRepo had some troubles with a corrupt database but is back online. Due to using a backup, you may have lost your membership if you registered recently. Not long ago, we discovered that our database had become corrupt. In exchange for half a million dollar, it said it would offer access to all the information in the world as it had ‘mighty friends at Wikipedia’. Neadless to say, we do not negotiate witch corrupt databases and so we rejected the offer and dropped the database instantly. If you have lost your membership……Sorry about that 🙁 Cheers, Bart Otten. Repository maintainer, Webmaster, SQL-administrator, (temporary) InnoDB hater and Press...

SuperRepo’s unique features make addons shine

We are excited to announce that the respository we’ve all loved for 1.5 year has a new website! Since mid 2013, the repository known as SuperRepo has gone through various stages. First, it was a pure personal project, then is became the next best thing for geeks but now it is a full consumer service. Upon realizing that it did a bit more than your traditional repository, we decided it needed an overhaul. So here it is. But what are the best new features? How do we make addons shine even harder? Supports multiple languages A new comment system. Share your experience! Multiple baskets/bundles per user. Save, share and download. Brand new design for addon pages Compatible addons filtering (and sorting by name or downloads) The soon to be infamous Broken Button In your own language: Multiple languages, talen, 语言, idiomas Did you know one of the top refferes to SuperRepo is Google Translate, specifically the version who helps Chinese people? Since SuperRepo is a world wide known phenomenon we thought it would be nice to help Kodi users in their own language. That’s why we have put a lot of effort in being able to do so. If a page is available in multiple languages, they can be selected at the top of the page. At this moment, many pages still have to be translated though. That’s where you can help. If every user translates two addons, all addons will be available in 20 languages within 12 hours. How can I help translate? If you browse the addons, a link will appear if no translation in your language could be found . If you click...