SuperRepo’s unique features make addons shine

We are excited to announce that the respository we’ve all loved for 1.5 year has a new website!

Since mid 2013, the repository known as SuperRepo has gone through various stages. First, it was a pure personal project, then is became the next best thing for geeks but now it is a full consumer service. Upon realizing that it did a bit more than your traditional repository, we decided it needed an overhaul. So here it is. But what are the best new features? How do we make addons shine even harder?

  1. Supports multiple languages
  2. A new comment system. Share your experience!
  3. Multiple baskets/bundles per user. Save, share and download.
  4. Brand new design for addon pages
  5. Compatible addons filtering (and sorting by name or downloads)
  6. The soon to be infamous Broken Button

In your own language: Multiple languages, talen, 语言, idiomas

Did you know one of the top refferes to SuperRepo is Google Translate, specifically the version who helps Chinese people? Since SuperRepo is a world wide known phenomenon we thought it would be nice to help Kodi users in their own language. That’s why we have put a lot of effort in being able to do so. If a page is available in multiple languages, they can be selected at the top of the page. At this moment, many pages still have to be translated though.

That’s where you can help.

If every user translates two addons, all addons will be available in 20 languages within 12 hours.

How can I help translate?

If you browse the addons, a link will appear if no translation in your language could be found . If you click at it, you will be able to submit a translation.


Example showing the translation link

We are seeking some translators for our ‘normal pages’ too. Pages like Get Started and the FAQ for example. If you would like to help, please send an email to [email protected].


Reviews: Tell others how you feel about an addon

Some Kodi addons promise a lot but don’t really live up to it. Others don’t have such fancy artwork and description but are pure brilliance. You can now share your experience with others and read the reviews others have posted before you decide to download the addon or not.

Guess this is a winner…I’ll take it!

Bundles: The improved baskets you can share

Baskets have been renamed to bundles. You can now have more than one bundle, give your bundles fancy names and share them with friends at Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Your friends will be able to install all the addons in your bundle at once!

Create, share and download your own bundles

Create, share and download your own bundles


Fancy new addon pages: Less is more, more or less….

Some people want to know everything, others just want to know the bare minimum. As we like both types equally, we designed for both of them and added a little extra to it. By default, only the title and description of addons are shown. But if you like to know more or you are searching for support, it is just a click away.

Addon screenshots, support links, license info...SuperRepo has it all

Addon screenshots, support links, license info…


Stats? Yes, they are back!

The filterbar: Show only compatible addons, and sort them by name or downloads

There is no good in finding the best addon EVER just to find out it ain’t compatible with the version of XBMC/Kodi you have installed, right?

SuperRepo has it covered

SuperRepo has it covered


The Broken Button: Broken for everyone or just me?

We get plenty “This addon does not work for me! Anybody else having the same problem?”-posts though the year. Thats why we came up with the Broken Button. If an addon is not working for you, just visit SuperRepo and hit that button*! After a while we will be able to tell if it is just you or everyone is having the same problem** .

* please also contact the addon developer
** it will take a while to find the formula. For an addon that is downloaded thousand times a day 30 reports is not that much. However, if the addon is only downloaded once a month….those 30 are probably the whole userbase.

The Broken Button. Try not to smash it. Just click it genly.....GENTLY I SAID!

The Broken Button. Try not to smash it. Just click it genly…..GENTLY I SAID!