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Install Kodi addons repository SuperRepo!

Installing the SuperRepo addon repository in Kodi or XBMC offers you free access to over 2.000 addons for free! 1ChannelIcefilms, you name it we have it. On top of that it enables you to browse the addons you like on the website and install them all at once! Watch the video  or scroll down for a step by step description.


How do I install SuperRepo?

For those who know how to use virtual sources: The address is



Step 1: Navigate to “SYSTEM” and open “File Manager.”


Step 2: Select “Add Source” on the left side of the screen.


Step 3: Click on the text box that says to open up the keyboard.


Step 4: Type (from SuperRePo)on the keyboard and then click the “Done” button


Step 5: Click the empty text box at the bottom under “Enter a name for this media Source.”


Step 6: Type a name for the source (for example:SuperRepo). Once done press the “Done” button again.


Step 7: Click OK. Your File Manager window should now look like this.


Step 8: Return to the home screen and go to System >> Addons >> Install from zip


Step 9: Click at the source you just added


Step 10: Click the repository you want to install. For example: Gotham/All/Repositories/


Tip: Frodo? Gotham? Find out which version you are using



Step 10b



Step 10c


Step 11: The repository should now be visible when you go to System >> Addons >> Get Add-ons.



Step 11b


You have installed SuperRepo and have access to all addons*!

Wasn’t that easy? If you upgrade your Kodi, you can start from step 8 as the virtual source will stay installed.

Please read this before going any further…

  1.  We do not duplicate addons from the official Kodi mirrors in the repository. By selecting “All Add-ons” as shown in the screenshot above, you will see the addons of both official Kodi mirrors and SuperRepo at once.
  2. You are free to install SuperRepo besides other installers/repositories. There are many claims (but no facts that this causes issues.
  3. SuperRepo can not fix an addon if it is broken. The developer should do so. Please ask him kindly…..

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