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PPStream Network TV

PPStream Network TV: (KeyMap Settings)
Mute: F8 Vol-: F9 Vol+: F10 ZoomIn: [↓ ZoomOut: ]↑
Rev: ,← Next: .→ Pause: Space/Ent Exit: x/Esc About: F1
To customize Keypmap:
Run plugin.video.ppsresourcesplayerKeymapSet.exe For Non-PRC OS environment (Windows7|WindowsXP):
"Control Panel"|"Region and Language"|"Administrative"
Change system locale to "Chinese (Simplified PRC)"

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How to install PPS影音(PPS.tv)?

You can install PPS影音(PPS.tv) in Kodi using the SuperRepo repository, the repository of the developer or by installing a single zip-file.

The easiest way is to install SuperRepo repositories, which contains over 2.200 Kodi addons for free.

About SuperRepo and PPS影音(PPS.tv)

SuperRepo does not maintain PPS影音(PPS.tv). We only provide an automated index for Kodi users to have easy access to PPS影音(PPS.tv) and other addons for Kodi. We are not affiliated with the developers (cmeng (originator: yxnr)) and do not provide help for this particular addon.

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