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SuperRepo is a service which makes all Kodi Addons easily browsable. Download and install the top 10 video addons and best live streams plugins in a few minutes!


What are addons?

Addons are packages that add features and functions not normally included with XBMC/Kodi (What is Kodi?). They are developed by people from Team XBMC/Kodi and third-parties. There are various types of addons which you can install. For example video, audio, skins (themes) and scrapers that get information about movies and series in your media player. This way, you can adapt what your multimedia software is capable of and how it looks. Go ahead and browse the Kodi addons index.


List of addons in Kodi


What is SuperRepo?

SuperRepo is worlds largest native Kodi addons repository (repositories are sources you can install in Kodi to get addons from).

Before SuperRepo existed, you had to know which repositories held your favorite addons. Finding the right repositories could be a time consuming task. On top of that, there was at that time no online ‘addon store’ yet so there was no easy way to browse through the addons.There should be a system to collect all addons in one centered place and publish their information.

An so, the first online Kodi Addon index, SuperRepo, was developed. Now it is easy to find and install the addons!

Addon screenshots, support links, license info...SuperRepo has it all

Addon descriptions, screenshots, support links, license info…SuperRepo has it all


What’s the difference between SuperRepo and other grand installers?

At first, they may look the same. We all provide large lists of addons. However, beneath the surface there are major differences.

We are Independent

SuperRepo is independent to ensure your Kodi stays -your- Kodi. For free and no lock-in.

SuperRepo does not…

  1. …sell products nor is it affiliated with shops
  2. …’push’ addons nor does it spam you with them
  3. …block addons that we don’t like neither
  4. …ask you to remove addons or other installers

It’s your Kodi and it should stay that way. SuperRepo just wants to serve you. In silence.



We are a Full Service

Most other installers only have a database with addons. SR goes way further than that.

We offer you a native repository for Kodi. Which is probably the highest level to achieve because it is very strict.

The engine downloads the addons to the mirror network which never runs out of capacity nor bandwidth (more than 1TB per day!)

Not only are dependencies per addon checked, but also between the addons. If addon X depends on addon Y which is broken, X won’t be listed either.

Some unique features

Some say SuperRepo does not contribute anything to the community. But….This website will forever be the first online addon index including all addons. But that did not stop innovations. We developed many things never seen before in the Kodi Addons community. Here is a short list of unique features you will get access to when you use SuperRepo.

Addon bundles

Create and share multiple addon lists with your personal picks so you can let your friend which addons are the best. Go create some bundles yourself!

Multi language website
Reading the description in your own language? We are the first who brought it to you.

Filtering by compatibility

You can browse the addons only compatible with the version of Kodi you have installed. Guess who was first to offer that feature….

A feature to install your addon bundle in one go! You can find it under ‘Download’ at your personal bundles page.

Addon claims
A feature for developers to make sure SuperRepo does the right thing for their addons. Claim your addons!

What is SuperRepo not?

We are not connected to or in any other way affiliated with Kodi, Team Kodi, or the XBMC Foundation. Furthermore, any software, addons, or products offered by us will receive no support in official Kodi channels, including the Kodi forums and various social networks.

We do not develop nor maintain addons. This might look lazy to you, but trust me that managing the repository and the website itself is already hard enough. Making sure it is online and usable so you can enjoy it has the highest priorityat all times.

This also means:

  1. Asking to fix an addon won’t help. Ask the developer. Sorry……
  2. We take no liability for any of the add-ons or the content they provide.

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