How to update SuperRepo from XBMC to Kodi Helix?

Use this guide to update from XBMC 12 Frodo or XBMC 13 Gotham to Kodi Helix. Easy and fast!

Tip: Check if your favorite addons are compatible with Helix!

Check our addon category pages to see which addons are available for Kodi Helix. Or even better, create your own addon bundle which can be filtered too! This way you can decide whether you want to upgrade already or wait a short while. It also enables you to have a fresh start with Kodi Helix and install all addons you had in XBMC at once using Metapackages (see your Bundle page under Download).

How to use addon bundles for XBMC and Kodi?


SuperRepo has it covered

Filter by compatibility

Written Guide

You have to have installed SuperRepo virtual source ( already. If not or you want to refresh your memory, use this guide.

  1. Start XBMC. Go to SYSTEM >> Settings >> Addons >> Get addons, and remove any SuperRepo repository.
  2. Close XBMC
  3. Install Kodi Helix. This will update the  XBMC/Kodi software.
  4. Once started, it will ask you what to do about incompatible addons. If you want a fresh start with only Kodi compatible addons, remove the ones Kodi flagges as incompatible. If you leave them installed, they might update to Kodi compatible versions once the developer has fixed them.
  5. Go  to SYSTEM >> Settings >> Addons >> and select Install from zip.
  6. Browse to [the name of your SuperRepo virtual source. E.g. SuperRepo] >> Helix
  7. You will see all subrepositories we have available for Kodi
  8. Go to All or Repositories and install the”Install this”
  9. If you have installed “Repositories”, go to Get Addons >> SuperRepo Repositories and install a subrepository from there
  10. Go to Get Addons and the Kodi addons repositories are waiting to be used 🙂



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