Is SuperRepo really the largest Kodi Addons Repository?

Yes we are. There are websites claiming to have more addons in their index, but that doesn’t make them larger repositories. How can that be?

  • They count the same addon multiple times: once for every version of Kodi they support.
    This is just cheating as it’s just the same addon. Having it 4 times in the database does not make it 4 addons.
  • They count every addon id they can find, whether the actual addon can be downloaded or not
    SuperRepo is the only grand repository having it’s own addon distribution network. This forces us to download each and every addon, and if we can not get a copy (we check multiple times per day) the end-users can neither. Conclusion: doesn’t count.
  • They count addons only compatible with extremely old versions of XBMC
    Some addons are only compatible with the most ancient versions of XBMC. However, those addons won’t run at all at current versions of Kodi, and they haven’t for years. Including them does raise the counter by large, but it does not make more addons available to the end-user at all.

There are many ways to count and SuperRepo’s method doesn’t lead to the highest number.

  • Only unique addons
  • Only addons which can actually be downloaded
  • No addons which only run at 5 year old versions of XBMC/Kodi

The number doesn’t say anything. SuperRepo offers you a cleaned up addon lists, our own location based mirror network, server-side dependency checking and many more. Being the largest isn’t our main priority. Being the best is.

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