XBMC addon repository

XBMC addon repository

XBMC addon repository

SuperRepo.org is worlds largest XBMC addon repository containing more than 1.300 addons It offers  easy access to XBMC best addons. No more searching for the repository address of the addon you love, you won't need to add 10 different repositories using different locations. Thanks to the SuperRepo and the amazing developers and users of XBMC you are up and running in a few minutes. 

1. No more searching for the right repository

Every time I reinstalled my XBMC or pointed someone at a super sweet addon, I needed to search for the right repositories. A list I saved was outdated in a few month. Then I thought:

If all addons would be included in one repository, I would only have to remember the address of  one repository

A few weeks later, the Xtended Repository Generator and SuperRepo.org were born. Now I spend all my saved time maintaining the SuperRepo, but I save (ten)thousands other XBMC users some time . Are you with me?

2. Browse all addons using your regular browser

If you have not yet noticed: On SuperRepo you can browse through all the addons. Making it easier to find that neat addon you have been searching for.

3. Use your browser to select addons and install them all at one!

Using your personal AddonBucket you can install multiple addons at once. Browse the website, add the addons to your bucket, download the generated XBMC metapackage (a technique invented by SuperRepo) and install that single package (only 2kb). XBMC will install all the addons you selected on SuperRepo.

4. What you need....speed

An unique feature of the Super Repo is the fact that addons can be placed in multiple subrepositories. This allows you to select only those repositories that are relevant to you; resulting in an addon list in your XBMC with relevant addons. Less scrolling means faster setup.  An additional benefit is that you will only download repository bytes you'll use. And last but not least: with a Content Delivery Network with a capacity of over 45Gigabit your downloads will fly!

5. Rock stable

SuperRepo already proved to be rock stable. Having a Content Delivery Network behind it with over 45Gigabit of capacity it needs more than paper to knock it out. So far it did not break once while some other major repositories failed since the existence of SuperRepo.

6. Advanced automatic dependency checks

The Xtended Repository Generator performs advanced dependency checks on every addon and (sub)repository. This means less broken addons in your addon list!

7. User centered

SuperRepo is developed for ease of use. Therefore it will always put it's users on the first place! No annoying ads, no added dependencies. No problem.

Bonus: At last

Ehh..... did we mention there are over 1.300 addons included in total? Enjoy the SuperRepo.org Repository from today on. Read how to install SuperRepo for XBMC? 

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