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Transparency! a fanart skin for XBMC

What is Transparency!? Short answer: a fanart skin. The main goal of Transparency! is showing your fanart, fullscreen, in all of the views, all of the time. Besides this, it also tries to support every neat new feature xbmc has to offer. To save everyone a lot of time and trouble hacking the xml code themselves, all of these new features are already included in the skin, pre-configured and enabled by default (wherever possible).

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Transparency! v5.0.9
- fixed make icons view scroll by 5 items instead of 6
- fixed show tv recording info on home

Transparency! v5.0.8
- fixed movie posters for plugins
- changed enable tv menu button by default on supported systems
- fixed some untranslated strings
- code cleanup

Transparency! v5.0.7
- language update

Transparency! v5.0.6
- language update
- added menu button to touchscreen controls

Transparency! v5.0.5
- removed workarounds for italic text

Transparency! v5.0.4
- code cleanup

Transparency! v5.0.3
- changed always show movie info in slide view
- removed stuff
- removed weatherplus stuff

Transparency! v5.0.2
- fix xbmc freeze when navigating back to home

Transparency! v5.0.1
- tag for svn
- fixed typo in favourites script call
- fixed case not showing in sets node
- added coverflow view for sets
- added icons view for sets
- fixed extrathumbs overlapping with logo

Transparency! v5.0.0
- frodo beta release

Transparency! v4.1.0
- changed update language files

Transparency! v4.0.9
- replace randomitems and watchlist by skin widgets
- added thumbwall view
- added advanced filter
- changed use
- added scrolling titles to musicvisualization screen

Transparency! v4.0.8
- added tags submenu for movies
- added support for movie logos
- changed make extrathumbs a multiimage
- changed the extended process dialog look
- added movie logo to icons view
- changed music menu button to go directly to artists

Transparency! v4.0.7
- added support for artist slideshow provided artist bio
- added support for extended wunderground weather info
- added slideshow for seasons

Transparency! v4.0.6
- added extra fanart support for music videos
- changed show 10 recent / random / recommended items on home
- changed use the new method of the favourites script to set menu items
- added an option to display mediaflags in wall view
- added audio button to music osd
- added fullscreen program info for epg
- added repeat and random buttons to the video osd
- changed the code for adding favourites to submenu items

Transparency! v4.0.5
- added submenu for musicvideos albums
- added australian movie ratings
- added support for actors metadata script

Transparency! v4.0.4
- release

Transparency! v4.0.3
- added support for watchlist script
- added support for artwork downloader
- removed extrafanart and logo downloader support
- added extra fanart for addons
- added tv tune download to video info dialog
- added support for recently added/random musicvideos on home
- added support for extrafanart script
- changed use skin vars

Transparency! v4.0.2
- added addon peripheral dialogs
- added addon rollback button
- added back support to sidemenu

Transparency! v4.0.1
- added support for artist logos
- added search button on home
- added option to show random addons on home
- added artist slideshow option to visualization screen
- changed always show lyrics and subtitles button

Transparency! v4.0.0
- changed version bump for eden

Transparency! v3.12.2
- added option to show movieplot in fanart view
- changed show movie-set case in all views
- added option for music genre backgrounds
- added option for video genre backgrounds
- added skin for pseudotv and tvtime addons
- changed show fanart in visualization by default
- changed hide audio, video and visualization settings in kiosk mode
- changed show player menubutton in kiosk mode
- added wall view for episodes
- added wall view for musicvideos
- added item view for musicvideos
- added item view for tvshows/seasons/episodes
- added item view for music
- added tv guide

Transparency! v3.12.1
- added 36 hour and weekend weather forecast view
- added weather alerts view
- added number of seasons to several views
- fixed fanart in addon browser
- added last played date to info dialogs
- added played count to info dialogs
- added disc number to song info dialog
- added cache level on progress bars
- changed updated skin for files in library

Transparency! v3.11.5
- removed youtrailer script support
- changed hide fanart when extrafanart is available
- added clickable volume bar for touchscreen users
- added clickable progress bars

Transparency! v3.11.4
- changed modified code needed for cinema experience script
- changed speed up animation times
- changed periodically run recentlyadded and randomitems
- added totals in randomitems
- added option to animate fanart
- added option to hide video background and visualisation on home
- changed use new background visualization settings
- changed separate options to hide movie and tvshow cases
- added option for custom logo on homescreen
- added toggle music menu button between library and filemode
- added option for custom conditional weather fanart on home
- added option to show tv show banners in fanart list
- added video as background
- fixed use tv cases for tvshows in coverflow
- added cast info on video osd

Transparency! v3.11.3
- added spanish movie ratings
- added dts-hra and dts-ma mediaflags
- fixed recently added album title
- added qlock code
- changed show slideshow buttons in kiosk mode

Transparency! v3.11.2
- changed addon icons
- changed re-enable cinema experience script support
- fixed shutdown issue after changing profiles
- fixed eject in player submenu was broken
- fixed search node in musiclibrary didn't work
- fixed hide nextaired info on linked movies
- changed new fallback rating icon
- changed new fallback studio icon
- removed set content button

Transparency! v3.11.1
- changed use genre icons in fanart view
- changed keep thumb aspect in fanart and thumbnail view for programs
- changed new dialog numeric layout
- changed new loginscreen design
- changed new player buttons
- changed new playercontrols window
- changed volume icon reflects volume level
- changed remove playercontrols on left menu
- changed new shutdown menu design

Transparency! v3.11.0
- added initial touchscreen support
- added kiosk mode
- added container totaltime
- added skin code for the xbmc audio mixer
- added support for tvshow nextaired script

Transparency! v3.10.3
- added support for tvtunes script
- added support for season fanart
- added support for extra fanart
- added support for random items
- added support for extra thumbs
- added option to hide addon notifications
- changed skin code for new sutitles script

Transparency! v3.10.2
- fixed watched flag in filemode
- fixed icons did not crossfade at root of the library
- added more views for addons
- changed show original title in video info dialog
- added new set of media flags

Transparency! v3.10.1
- added skin option to run logo downloader script in bulk mode
- fixed get logo button position in video info dialog
- fixed scrollbar size in tv shows media info view
- added flags and code for dd 6.1 and dts 6.1
- fixed time and title would overlap dvd icon on home
- changed select dialog for logo downloader script

Transparency! v3.10.0
- release

Transparency! v3.09
- fixed fanart view for addon browser
- fixed scrollbar in fanartview for addons
- changed don't use fanart hack for addons in programs
- fixed remove deprecated references to scripts
- added media info view to programs
- added custom menu options
- fixed logo downloader script support
- added path info to song info dialog
- fixed incorrect panel size in AMT script
- changed updated language files and translator credits
- added some studio logos

Transparency! v3.08
- changed now playing should always display info of currently playing song in fanart view
- added dependency for the recently added and favourites script
- added director info for music videos
- added some record-label icons
- fixed filebrowser would overlap addonsettings

Transparency! v3.07
- fixed mirror fanart button got lost along the way
- changed put focus on play button in dialogvideoinfo
- added use addon.starrating
- added notification for broken addons
- update some window id's

Transparency! v3.06
- added support for uk movie ratings
- added support for pictures and programs addon fanart
- changed renamed logfile
- changed skin icon
- added seekoffset label to seekbar
- removed MyScripts
- removed all largeimage controls
- added return parameter to most submenu items

Transparency! v3.05
- added Jukebox view

Transparency! v3.04
- added TV Logo support
- added support for Logo Downloader script
- removed xbox specific code

Transparency! v3.03
- removed description.xml

Transparency! v3.02
- added DialogTextViewer.xml

Transparency! v3.01
- added addon.xml

Transparency! v3.00
- added pvr channelmanager
- added Transparency! icon and fanart
- changed updated description

Transparency! v2.16
- changed keyboard design
- removed scripts from skin
- added option to hide cases

Transparency! v2.15
- changed use dvd and bluray cases
- fixed custom background for play disc
- changed use background loading in all views
- added addon support

Transparency! v2.14
- changed icons view music
- changed use colored default icons
- added love & ban to mini playercontrols
- added support for the youtrailer script
- added option to use posters for tv shows
- changed settings

Transparency! v2.13
- changed hiding of sidemenu and horizontal scrollbars
- changed icons view movies
- fixed more accurate home weather fanart
- added catalan language file
- added wall view
- added tic-tac-toe
- added german filmrating icons
- added weather icon on home
- fixed several mouse issues
- added more animations to weather
- removed weather fanart pack
- added custom submenus
- added movie set indicator
- added selectable weather maps
- added hourly and 10 day weather forecast view
- added more animations to fanart view
- added option to disable views
- changed fanart-view is now the default view

Transparency! v2.12
- fixed position of context menu for 'play using..' options
- fixed background was invisible for picture info in polaroid view
- changed use caps label in artist/album/song/picture info
- changed header image and items displayed on header
- added pvr support
- changed settings screen
- changed music and video osd
- changed dialogfullscreeninfo and musicvisualisation
- changed dialogseekbar
- fixed jaggies in coverflow

Transparency! v2.11
- fixed some missing labels
- added recordlabel logo to visualization info dialog
- added skinned the rss editor script
- removed brand logo's from several images
- added skinned the svn repo installer info dialog

Transparency! v2.10
- added open/close animation to music and video osd
- added artist & album info to musicvisualisation window
- added fanart view to root of video and music library
- added album themes and album type to media info view
- changed show episode thumb when no clearart is available
- changed updated translations
- added icon view for songs
- changed center home menu labels
- changed use new labels
- changed use new
- removed fanart hack home/now playing/visualisation
- fixed some issues in coverflow
- added repeat and shuffle button to music osd
- added imdb top250 listing to fanart view
- changed side menu font
- added uppercase arial and teen font files
- fixed coverflow for music in filemode
- added scale backgroundpicture togglebutton to pic thumb and picture fanart view
- changed conditionally include animated weather icons
- changed show default cover when no cover is available
- added fanartview for musicvideos
- added cd wall to musicvisualisation window
- added fanart slideshow to musicvisualisation window
- added dvd home menu button
- added audio codec flag to music visualisation
- added bitrate & samplerate info to music visualisation
- added animation to playercontrols in osd
- fixed missing watched/unwatched episodes info in fanart view when tv show thumb was missing
- added fanartview for pictures
- added home movies fanart mod (thanx francyboy)
- added home tvshows fanart mod (thanx Steveb)
- added home music fanart mod (thanx Steveb)
- added 90min shutdown option
- fixed custom shutdown timer
- changed redid apple movie trailers settings
- changed redid xbmc lyrics settings
- added zoom animations to playercontrols
- added zoom animations to shutdown buttons
- changed redid settingsprofile
- added teletext button to videoosd
- removed fanart hack in music library
- added fullscreen button to playercontrols
- changed redid smartplaylisteditor
- removed all dialogclose buttons
- changed move time label to top on homescreen
- changed recently added focus color
- changed added focus animation to thumbnailview
- changed added focus animation to settings
- changed redid filebrowser
- changed videoosd opensubtitles button for new version
- changed filemanager
- changed removed some skin settings
- changed redid favourites
- changed volume dialog
- changed mute dialog
- changed seekbar dialog
- changed context menu
- changed amt context menu
- changed brackets in font
- added flags to fullscreen info dialog for dvd discs, live video
- added flags to video osd for dvd discs, live video and music videos
- fixed missing gradient for now playing videos
- fixed header position in dialog numpad
- fixed scrollbar in slideview
- changed show actor thumb in list view
- fixed layout fanartview for tvshows/seasons/episodes in filemode
- fixed panel texture corruption in fanart view
- fixed scrollbar in settings catagory when wide side menu buttons is enabled
- added progressbar to now playing video/song info on home page
- changed focused list texture and added animation
- fixed round corners on selected background in skin settings
- added some recordlabel logo's (thanx ninjamawwe)
- fixed duplicate album cover in coverflow
- fixed video plugin button would not show on home menu
- fixed don't default to fanart short in now playing
- added thumb view for actors in movie info dialog
- changed redid video and music info dialogs
- changed focused dialog button
- changed set default focus to skin settings in settings
- added greek translation
- added korean translation
- added norwegian translation
- added fanart - short list and long list to language file

Transparency! v2.01
- added scrollbar to settings category
- added show fanart when browsing library by album (thanx snowdrift)
- added horizontal scrollbars to several views
- fixed incorrect reflection in artists coverflow
- fixed don't show now playing in pic thumb view
- added record button to video osd
- fixed record button in music osd would disappear when recording
- added love/hate to music osd
- changed play trailer fullscreen on xbox
- changed don't show shutdown label if shutdown button is disabled
- added show cd cover and info in now playing fanart view
- changed use fanart short when partymode is enabled
- fixed fanart long and short position in now playing
- fixed screen could turn white when osd menu or fullscreen info was visible
- fixed flags in fullscreen info for music videos
- fixed dialog videoscan and musicscan would display on top of eachother
- fixed invalid include warning in log
- changed modified 4x3 to 4:3 in fontnames
- fixed osd settings menu size
- fixed osd bookmarks menu size
- fixed button positions in VIDEO osd when dvd menu button is visible
- fixed button positions in music osd when lyrics button is visible
- fixed cd didn't show in fullscreen when cdArt was disabled
- fixed watch flag for tv shows in media info view
- fixed fanart did not show in movie info dialog
- fixed encoding in several language files
- changed increased width for recently added labels
- changed increased slide animation on home

Transparency! v2.00
- initial release

Transparency! v1.11
- changed width of time label in dialogseekbar
- changed width of date label on home screen
- changed library check for home menu buttons
- removed close button from music and video osd
- changed thumbnail view for musicvideos now has 15 16:9 thumbs

Transparency! v1.10
- changed only update recently added at startup and after library update
- added cdart to home
- added totals to recently added
- added show fanart in background when browsing recently added
- changed show cover for recently added movies
- added clicking new label in recently added takes you to recently added in library
- fixed beta bugs
- changed thumbs in favourites and removed cases

Transparency! v1.99 (beta)
- beta release

Transparency! v1.09
- added custom skin transparency level
- added warning to disabling settings menu item
- changed method for delayed showing of info in slideview

Transparency! v1.08
- added mediaflags for musicvideos
- changed alignment of plot in fullscreen info
- added fanartview for scripts
- added options for short and long list in fanart view
- added artist thumb to fanart view
- added flac flag
- changed merged tvshow and movie flags code

Transparency! v1.07
- added fanart view for now playing videos
- fixed show common now playing in icons view
- added media-info view for now playing videos
- changed modified all upercase text to word capital case.
- changed only show cover in dialogseekbar on pause
- fixed custom backgrounds in music now playing
- changed don't show dvd case in now playing, as it will also show for episodes
- fixed sidemenu shadow would be out of place when library was disabled
- changed redid music osd
- added subtitle download button to video osd
- changed redid video osd
- changed all musicvideos views
- changed removed uppercase in slide and coverflow
- added option to hide watched flag for musicvideos
- added year to coverflow, mediainfo and icons view for movies
- added option to hide watched flag for movies and/or tv shows
- added trailer preview window to slideview
- added fallback studio icon
- added watched and trailer flag to coverflow and slide view
- changed bigger fonts (thanxs tikkiew)

Transparency! v1.06
- added several translations (thanx to all translators!)
- added wideicon view for videos root in filemode
- changed pic thumb view now shows pictures fullscreen
- added fanart view for pictures, comics, emulators
- added settings to shutdown menu
- added emulators to home menu
- added comics to home menu
- added music videos to home menu
- changed label color in settings
- changed label color in music media info views
- added release date to apple movie trailers
- fixed font sizes in polaroid view
- fixed font sizes in apple movie
- changed reduced volume of skin sounds
- fixed scrolloffset label in slide view
- added play disc button to player controls
- fixed custom background favourites didn't work

Transparency! v1.05
- added skin support for home theater experience script
- added new weather layout for plus plugin
- changed skin settings strings
- changed skin settings control id's
- added 200 studio icons

Transparency! v1.04
- changed moved different views to separate xml files
- changed move media flags to individual views
- changed dirty hacks to use conditional includes
- changed Home.xml to use conditional includes
- removed skin based flagging support
- fixed button-focus in amt-settings window
- fixed repositioned several dialog windows
- added close shutdown menu animation
- changed dvd source flag detection
- fixed header height

Transparency! v1.03
- changed progressbar width in fullscreen info
- added finish time for all videos
- fixed chaptername placement in fullscreen info
- fixed focussed/unfocussed layout recently added labels
- removed studio icons from skin based media flagging
- added separator label to dialogpluginsettings

Transparency! v1.02
- changed studio flag control

Transparency! v1.01
- changed use 16x9 thumbs for musicvideos in media info view
- fixed scrolloffsetlabels are now showing for games fanart and pictures polaroid view
- fixed slide and polaroid view or now mouse compatible
- fixed configure audio hardware would take you to system settings
- fixed use stretch instead of scale for tv show banners
- fixed incorrect label for favourites in horizontal home menu
- fixed incorrect position of clearart/dvd/cd cover in dialogseekbar
- changed fontsize scrolloffset label
- fixed failed loading of clearart from smb drives in dialogseekbar
- fixed recently added window would still show even though it was disabled

Transparency! v1.00
- release

Transparency! v0.38
- added 125 record label logo's (thanx Ninjamawwe)
- changed some alignments of info labels in media info view
- added mpaa rating to tv show info window
- added 'native' studio flag for movies and tv shows
- changed merged some code of the two horizontal menus
- changed moved backgrounds/icons/flags out of the media folder

Transparency! v0.37
- added passthrough notification to volumebar

Transparency! v0.36
- added slideview for movies

Transparency! v0.35
- changed redid dialogfullinfo
- changed dialog backgrounds

Transparency! v0.34
- changed picture thumb view to wraplist
- removed wide icon view for programs
- added polaroid picture view
- changed redid all thumbnail views
- changed redid all item/focused layouts

Transparency! v0.33
- changed image loading for cdart and clearart, hopefully it'll work better with smb drives now.
- added fanart view for games
- added horizontal home menu fade to black

Transparency! v0.32
- added 100 film studio icons
- changed replaced icons
- changed home menu buttons
- removed love-hate button

Transparency! v0.31
- added aspectratio to fullscreen media flags
- changed textures

Transparency! v0.30
- changed fonts
- changed colortheme to blue
- changed skinsounds

Transparency! v0.29
- added fanartview for now playing
- added progressbar to fanartview for music, now playing and CommonNowPlaying
- fixed black screen when having lastfm or shoucast as a source
- changed label color to white in skin settings backgrounds
- removed bottom button shadow in settings catagory
- fixed only load music flags when needed

Transparency! v0.28
- added 650 film studio icons
- changed renamed all font entries
- fixed animation bug in myvideonav.xml
- changed all of the genre icons
- changed most of the backgrounds
- changed made extension matching less likely to cause false possitives
- fixed episode name could overlap rating and watched/unwatched flag
- changed artist - album order is now optional for browsing by album
- added background for favourites
- changed colorised shutdown button
- moved time from top to bottom on home
- changed button-control is now useabe on home when cd/dvd is present in drive
- removed favourites and play button
- added recently added movies, tv-shows and albums to home screen
- added license file
- added Transparency! credits to custom_cedits
- fixed scale background in filemanager

Transparancy! v0.27:
- added cdart with animations
- added flags for 3iv2,div2,flv,mpg4,mp42,mp43,pcm,vorbis,mp1
- added backgrounds for video plugins and apple movie trailers
- added option for apple movie trailers to home menu
- added favourites background
- added shutdown background
- added dim on shutdown
- resized and converted genre icons to cut down on size
- removed several weather fanart images due to possible copyright issues
- changed size of current weather icon in myweather
- changed focussed button in several windows
- removed icon view at tv show level
- added year to fullscreen info for movies and tv shows
- added .mp4 .mov .mpeg extensions to source detection list
- changed source detection for tvshows and movies
- added trailer flag in fanart view
- added movie media flags to fullscreen info window
- fixed file count label in apply movie trailers when using wide side menu buttons
- moved watched overlay from thumb to list
- added unwatched overlay
- added movie media flags in all views
- added tv show media flags in all views
- changed alignment of season / episode title in fanart
- added dropshadow for tvshowthumb in fanart view
- added studio folder icon in video library
- added director folder icon in video library
- added year folder icon in video library
- changed color of title to white in 3d coverflow
- fixed left menu is now mouse compatible
- fixed wide icon view can contain 10 items if media titles are disabled
- changed scale fanart and backgrounds instead of stretch
- changed use for tv network logo
- added studio to episode dialog info
- added fanart for games and programs
- added finish time to fullscreen info for videos

Transparancy! v0.26:
- added seperator between listitems
- added mediaflags for dd4.0 and dd4.1
- fixed mediaflags, bluray was detected as dvd
- changed modified up/down/left/right scrollbuttons
- added option for video plugins to home menu
- fixed incorrect window title for music & videos in filemode
- added dropshadow to picturethumbview
- changed game button now takes you to Games folder if present
- added option to show clearart for episodes
- added display cd cover in full screen music window when song is paused
- added display dvd cover in full screen video window when movie is paused
- added option to use videos in file mode on the home menu
- added option to show fanart instead of visualisation on home screen and visualisation window
- fixed false possitives with codec matching for music files

Transparancy! v0.25:
- added support for native media metadata detection

Transparancy! v0.24:
- fixed animated gifs deleted from weather icon directories

Transparancy! v0.23:
- fixed window title width
- fixed custom backgrounds for videos section
- added wide side menu buttons
- added dvd case to fullscreen video info
- added pulse on select for settings icons
- changed made focused sidebutton more transparent

Transparancy! v0.22:
- added custom shutdown menu
- added wide home menu buttons
- added bigger fonts (thanx tikkiew)

Transparancy! v0.21:
- fixed custom backgrounds for movies in home
- fixed custom backgrounds for tvshows in home
- fixed scrolling labels on home menu
- fixed scrolling labels in 3d coverflow
- fixed scrolling of info in fanart view
- fixed bug in SettingsSystemInfo.xml which caused the xbox to crash
- fixed wrong weather icon for day3 was displayed
- added filemanager to shutdown menu
- added restart to shutdown menu
- added system info to shutdown menu
- added hibernate to shutdown menu
- added games to home menu
- added skin version to system info
- changed exit function for xbox on shutdown menu
- changed animated weather icons are optional now
- changed made background for fanart info slightly darker

Transparancy! v0.20:
- changed name to Transparency!
- removed some redundant code
- fixed [UPPERCASE] display in season fanart view for *All Seasons item
- changed Icon view for albums / movies, so thumbs are more in the center of the screen
- fixed bug in MyWeather.xml which caused the xbox to crash
- fixed corrupted textures on xbox

PM3.HD-Transparancy v0.19:
- initial release