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S[COLOR goldenrod]o[/COLOR]lar[COLOR yellow]M[/COLOR][COLOR grey][/COLOR]
Handles Videos for

Play Movies and TV shows from Some of the Features: Custom Labels for Multiple-Folder Favorites, Libraries, Find Air-Dates, Search, Advance Search, Some Download compatibility. Make sure that if you dont already have them installed to also install metahandlers, urlresolver, either t0mm0.common or addon.common and simple cache.

Install and auto updateDownload XBMC addon S[COLOR goldenrod]o[/COLOR]lar[COLOR yellow]M[/COLOR][COLOR grey][/COLOR]
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This Project is designed for xbmc v13.x originally and currently being kept up on one of the nightly xbmcc v13.x builds. It gets a slight bit of testing as I use it myself, a LOT, on a Windows 7 OS. Any other OS's / builds of xbmc have not be tested on yet, but I do feel free to try and test it out on them. Some parts of this addon may not be legal in your country of residence - please check with your local laws before installing. I take no responsibility for any problems this plugin might in any way, form, shape or size cause. This is project is for a LEARNING EXPERIANCE.