1. Download XBMC Addons repository SuperRepo

Installing the SuperRepo repository in XBMC offers you free access to over 1.300 addons. Youtube, Icefilms, Mash Up, you name it; SuperRepo has it. On top of that it enables you to select the addons you like on the website and install them all at once!

We offer three methods to access the addons. If you doubt what method to choose have a look at our Guide:How to choose and use the repositories. There are a few videos about installing SuperRepo too

Method 1: Using the addon with immediate access to all other addons (required for using the AddonBucket / SuperRepo Metapackages)
If you want the repository containing all addons download the All-in-one repository. You need to install the adult subrepository seperate if you want acces to those addons too.

Eden (11.x)All-in-one RepoAdult Repo
Frodo (12.x)All-in-one Repo (default)Adult Repo
Gotham (13.x)All-in-one RepoAdult Repo


Method 2: Using a meta-repository addon
Once installed, this meta-repository will enable you to install only those sub-repositories you really need. Unlike the Standard edition, the Non-Adult version does not list the Adult subrepository as an option.

Eden (11.x)StandardNon-Adult
Frodo (12.x)StandardNon-Adult
Gotham (13.x)StandardNon-Adult


Method 3: Directly using a webaddress / url
If you need a method without transfering a package to your device (for example appleTV) check the optional installation methods. Installation similar to Fusion.


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